Making Science More Attractive

6ºDia |9.06.17

Cheltenham Science Festival

  1. Marvellous Materials

IMG_20170609_103616 (1)

  1. Hacking Body


  1. Twilight Zone


O  Organizador Local também recebeu certificação…dos professores…


7ºDia |10.06.17

Cheltenham Science Festival

Novas ideias…engenhosas… Tudo é Ciência…


Dia de Portugal…em Cheltenham…


Author: arganilteachersaroundeurope

This is a group of schools, ranging from nursery to 12th grade level and its Headquarter is ESA - Escola Secundária de Arganil, located in a small town in the centre of Portugal, about 70 km from the District's capital, Coimbra

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