International Study Programmes

eye opener
eye opener

This recently created blog will allow all teachers from our Group of Schools – Agrupamento de Escolas de Arganil, Portugal – to share their unique experiences while travelling abroad to develop their teacher training sessions/courses in the most diverse contexts.

Here they will be able to post their entries creating an online diary, telling their peers about their experiences, the difficulties they had to face, some fears, the best moments, the images of it all…so that we can truly learn not only from our own mobility, but also from each other, improving our personal and professional skills, in this Life-Learning Process.

Best Wishes to us all.


Author: arganilteachersaroundeurope

This is a group of schools, ranging from nursery to 12th grade level and its Headquarter is ESA - Escola Secundária de Arganil, located in a small town in the centre of Portugal, about 70 km from the District's capital, Coimbra

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